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                                                   VISITORS & VOLUNTEERS

Welcoming our new volunteer Katharina

Welcoming our new volunteers Elena and Ruth on 14-07-2023.

Charlotte, a short time volunteer, welcomed.

Hearty welcome to our volunteer Theresa's parents.

Lydia, our former volunteer, visited with her friends Catalina and Simone.

Fr. Zenon Hanas, the Rector General of the Pallottines and Fr. Cargnin Vanderlei, Bursar General visited the school on 18-07-2023.

Hearty welcome to Fr. Andy Givel, the Provincial Rector, Switzerland.

Hearty welcome to Fr. Reinhold Maise, Mission Secretary, the Pallottines in Germany.

Hearty Welcome to: Emily our former volunteer and her friend, and Ms. Jutz, mother of our volunteer Dorothea.

Hearty Welcome to family members of our volunteer Dorothea.

Volunteers from Germany

After an absence of 3 years (due to corona) we are beginning to get volunteers from Germany to serve our children at Pallotti School. Two have already reached: Ms. Theresa Budke from Osnabrueck and Ms. Dorothea Jutz from Karlsruhe. They were welcomed in the school assembly. The third volunteer is expected shortly.

Visitors from Friedberg

We were glad to receive Fr. Alexandar Holzbach and Fr. Markus Hau, Provincial consultor and Mission Secretary respectively in our school on 08-01-2020. They were awarded a warm welcome by the students and staff.

Hearty welcome to Family Hilger - friends of Fr. Emmanuel from 1993

Volunteer Katharina being welcomed by student leader

Hearty welcome to our new volunteers - Michaela, Lukas and Fiona

Welcome to our Mission Secretary Fr. Markus Hau

Hearty welcome to Johanna

A documentary film on Anna Riedl being made by the Bayerischer Rundfunk TV – Germany

Welcoming our Friends Hans-Dieter Weber and Dr. Wolfing Baisel,

Welcoming our volunteer Felicita's brother and friend

Volunteer Felicita being welcomed by Fr. Emmanuel

Raphaela, a short time volunteer, being welcomed

Welcome to parents of our volunteer Felicita

Volunteer Mathias Richard is being welcomed

Volunteers Bettina and Emile in Kindergarten

Former Volunteer Lydia with Barbara being welcomed

Welcome to our great benefactor Mrs. Anna Riedl and her daughter Monika

Welcome to Flurina, a volunteer from Switzerland

Welcome to our former volunteer Sarah and her sister

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