Intraschool Events

Public Examination Results:

The Education Department of Tamil Nadu published the results of examinations held for the 12th and 10th grades on 20 June 2022; the 11th grade results were released on 27 June 2022. All our students passed the examination, some with very high marks. In the 12th grade Veeralakshmi became the topper  with 513 marks (out of 600), in the 11th grade Vijayalakshmi with 501 marks (out of 600) and in the 10th grade Ranjitha with 439 marks (out of 500). We congratulate them and all the students, and their teachers for making the school proud with centum results. We are extremely glad to note that all the toppers this year are girls!

Parents Teachers Association Meeting (PTA)

The First PTA meeting was held on 21 June 2022 in the school courtyard at 5.30 p.m. Most parents attended the meeting and offered constructive suggestions and critique.

School Reopens

Pallotti School reopened for the new academic year 2022-2023 on 13 June 2022 with a prayer meet held at Vinzenzo Pallotti Hall, Pillar Center.  All the pupils, teachers and members of the school management – Pallottine Fathers of PILLAR - took part in it. Fr. Emmanuel, the school founder, exhorted the children to study well and follow the school discipline. Ms. G. Kamatchi, Principal, and Ms. Mary Steppin, Vice Prinicipal, introduced the new teachers to the students.

Farewell to our outgoing students

The students of 12th grade were given an affectionate farewell by the school on 23 April 2022. The 11th grade students made the necessary arrangements. Each outgoing student was presented with an Oxford English Dictionary as a present from the school management. The students shared their experience of school life beginning with kindergarten. Expressing their gratitude to the Pallottine Fathers and benefactors in Germany and Switzerland, they also presented from their savings a small sum of money to the school. Fr. Emmanuel accepting their donation appreciated their generosity and gratitude.

Prayers for those appearing for public examinations

Students appearing for public examination gathered in the Pallotti Chapel along with teachers and PILLAR-Pallottine Fathers for a prayer meet on 22-04-2022 at 09.00 a.m. The students sought divine help as they placed lit candles before the altar. They also prayed for their benefactors and teachers. The event was prepared by the teachers and was held in a prayerful atmosphere.

Associations Day

The school has several associations. These serve as platforms for children to develop their talents. Periodically cultural programs are presented by them. Unfortunately, due to the long closure of school, such events could not be held. First such an event after pandemic took place on  08-04-2022. This day happened to be the also the birthday of school’s founder Fr. Emmanuel Savariaradimai SAC. Children displayed their talents on the stage giving a strong message to save the planet from further destruction in the name of development. All enjoyed the dances, recital of poems, speeches, drama, etc. The handwritten magazine – “Manavar Kural” (voice of pupils) - was released by Fr. Emmanuel and the same was received by Fr. Roc Gerald SAC.