Intraschool Events

Prayers for those appearing for public examinations

Students appearing for public examination gathered in the Pallotti Chapel along with teachers and PILLAR-Pallottine Fathers for a prayer meet on 22-04-2022 at 09.00 a.m. The students sought divine help as they placed lit candles before the altar. They also prayed for their benefactors and teachers. The event was prepared by the teachers and was held in a prayerful atmosphere.

Associations Day

The school has several associations. These serve as platforms for children to develop their talents. Periodically cultural programs are presented by them. Unfortunately, due to the long closure of school, such events could not be held. First such an event after pandemic took place on  08-04-2022. This day happened to be the also the birthday of school’s founder Fr. Emmanuel Savariaradimai SAC. Children displayed their talents on the stage giving a strong message to save the planet from further destruction in the name of development. All enjoyed the dances, recital of poems, speeches, drama, etc. The handwritten magazine – “Manavar Kural” (voice of pupils) - was released by Fr. Emmanuel and the same was received by Fr. Roc Gerald SAC.

Pallotti School Annual Day 2019-2020

The 18th Annual Day (School Festival) was held on 24th January 2020. The Students presented the best of their talents in the form of dance, drama, singing, etc. The audience, which included parents, friends and well-wishers, applauded them for their superb performance.

The school topper from the 10th and 12th standard of 2019 was honored. Peter Rayan memorial Prize for the best performing 10th class student was given to Ms. Jenifer Roslin (carrying a cash award of Rs.5,000 and a citation) and Maria and Berthold Prize for the best performing 12th class student was given to Ms. Siva Priya (a cash award of Rs.10,000 and a citation). All the teachers who worked hard for achieving  the centum result in the public examinations held by the state  were appreciated with a citation. The teachers honored the principal, Ms. Kamatchi, for her tireless work in motivating them to achieve the best result for the school.

The chief guest, Fr. Jegath Gaspar, a Tamil intellectual and orator known to the Tamil speaking world appreciated the students for learning through their mother tongue – Tamil.  He also appreciated the school management for providing quality education free of cost to the underprivileged children of this area.

Christmas Celebrations 2019 -I

Christmas was celebrated in the school on 23 December 2019. It consisted of Christmas meal and a cultural program. The children sang Christmas carols, enacted nativity play and danced to the tunes of Tamil traditional Christmas melody. The staff received Christmas gifts from the management. The Children, though being overwhelmingly Hindu, made a beautiful crib in front of the school. The Teachers and pupils wished Fr. Emmanuel in view of his forthcoming name’s day – Christmas.

Christmas Celebrations 2019 - II

Children's Day Celebrations:

Our school celebrated children’s day on 13-11-2019. The teachers took the responsibility to felicitate and entertain the children. Songs, dance and a thought-provoking drama were presented. The uniqueness of the day was that the student leaders representing higher secondary and primary school presided over the function. The active participation of German volunteers was received with big applause by the pupils.

Diwali (Festival of Lights) Celebrations:

It is a festival celebrated throughout India by the Hindus. In our school it was celebrated with the active participation of children. They presented dance and drama conveying social message. It was held in the newly completed hall in the Primary School.

Career Guidance and Plant Identification program

A program on “Career Guidance” was arranged for students from 9th to 12th standard. It was given by Prof. S. Karuppasamy, Department of Botany, Madura College on 19-10-2019. Later he, along with the students, identified the plants and trees in the campus. The students who knew their names in their mother tongue had a wonderful opportunity to know their botanical names.

National Green Corps Inauguration

National Green Corps was formed in our school on 16-10-2019. It was inaugurated by our founder, Fr. Emmanuel. 15 boys and girls from 6th to 9th standard became members of it. The task of this group is to promote green environment in the school campus and the villages nearby. On this day a workshop on Bird Watching was given by the Dr. Badri Narayanan from Agarwal Eye Hospital, Madurai. The students enjoyed the program and gained deep insight into the life of birds.

Teachers Day Celebrations

On 05-09-2019, being Teachers Day, our students presented a cultural program in honor of them. They expressed their gratitude and respect to their teachers by presenting handmade greeting cards and roses.  

Independence Day and Sports Day

Both events were celebrated in the school on 15th August 2019. Fr. Ramesh hoisted the national flag followed by parade by the students. Winners of various sports competitions were awarded with medals and certificates.  Students’ handwritten magazine “Manavar Kural” (Voice of Pupils) was released.