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School Remains Closed

Normally the Pallotti School bubbles with life as the children fill the school campus after summer vacation in the first week of June. It is a joy to see our cheerful children after a break of a month and half.  Most would appear undernourished, a clear indication of the missed  nutritious mid-day meal  for over a month. This year the school could not be reopened because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It continuous to remain closed.  It is still uncertain when the government will permit its reopening. Only a kindergarten child from our school was infected with the corona virus. Fortunately he is well again after the treatment.   Now the deadly virus is gradually spreading in the villages as well.We hope and wish that our children and their families remain safe. 


1. Our school continuous to remain closed because of the lockdown. We are not yet certain when the school will be reopened. 

2.  Lockdown and its Impact

The impact of corona-virus on our school and the families of our children is immense. As per the directive of the government the school was closed on 02 March 2020. The Lockout which is extended now until 03 May is strictly implemented by the law enforcing authorities. The  lockdown  is causing  immense suffering to the poor, particularly the daily wage earners. The parents of our children belong to this group. Confined to their huts in this peak summer they face malnutrition and several psychological disorders. The Pillar Pallottine community tries its best to help them.  The biggest hurdle is the state.  It mandates that all relief work must be done only with the permission of government officials {see (}. We are yet to receive permission to help exclusively the families of our school children. 

3. Departure of Volunteers

The three German Volunteers  - Michaela Teerling, Fiona Janke , Lukas Schulz  - were asked by  the sending organisation in Germany, the diocese of Osnabrück, to return to their country at the earliest. It was not easy for the volunteers to receive this news. They were shocked and sadden because they did not have even a possibility to say farewell to children and teachers. After much difficulty in getting flight connection they left for Germany on 22-03-2020. We thank them for their committed service and wish them all the best for their future.

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