School During Covid-19

The school continues to be closed to comply with the covid-19 regulations. It is uncertain when it will be reopened. During this period teachers come regularly to the school to prepare online lessons. Unfortunately the impact of online classes remain limited as many of our children do not possess smart phones. It will be a challenge to the teachers to get the children tuned to learning mood once the school reopens.


On the other hand, we are happy to note that all of our children and teachers remain safe during the pandemic. One of our students, Agalnath, has drawn a few pictures portraying the covid-19 scene affecting our school and children.

Some children do make use of the school closure positively as we read from a report published on the national daily Times of India. Two children – brother and sister – produced various vegetables in the little space available before their house. Although the daily fails to mention our school, we are proud to state that they are Pallotti School Children. This report shows that Pallotti School offers children the holistic formation.(see Press Report in the menu bar)

School Extension

There has been an increasing demand for admissions to our school from poor families.  To meet the constraints of space an extension of the existing building is being carried out on the second floor. 

School Statistics

Kindergarten  -  It is not complete as admission to the lower kindergarten has not taken place due to covid-19.  Admission to lower kindergarten will be done only when the school reopens.

Primary School  –  253, 

Higher Secondary School – 186,                

Total   - 439

Higher Secondary Examination Result


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