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Annual News Letter

Addressed  to friends and benefactors, this letter details the life, activities, and challenges faced by the Pallotti school in each calendar year.

School Reopens

Pallotti School reopened for the new academic year 2022-2023 on 13 June 2022 with a prayer meet held at Vinzenzo Pallotti Hall, Pillar Center.  All the pupils, teachers and members of the school management – Pallottine Fathers of PILLAR, took part in it. Fr. Emmanuel, the school founder, exhorted the children to study well and follow the school discipline. Ms. G. Kamatchi, Principal, and Ms. Mary Steppin, Vice Prinicipal, introduced the new teachers to the students.

Farewell to our outgoing students

The students of 12th class were given an affectionate farewell by the school on 23 Apr 2022. The 11th class students made the necessary arrangements. Each outgoing student was presented with an Oxford English Dictionary. The students shared the experience of their school life beginning with kindergarten. Expressing their gratitude to the school management and benefactors in Germany and Switzerland, they also presented from their savings a small sum of money to the school. Fr. Emmanuel accepting their donation appreciated their generosity and gratitude.

Teachers Day – 06-09-2021

This day is usually celebrated with various cultural programs performed by students to honor their teachers. Due to pandemic regulations, the celebrations were in subdued form.  The children of 11th and 12th class, however, made the day a memorable one. Drawing traditional welcome-kolam at the school entrance and giving each teacher a hand-written card with rose flower, they expressed their gratitude to their teachers. As the teachers arrived at the school entrance, the students welcomed them with a traditional sandal paste pottu.

School Statistics

Kindergarten  -  It is not complete as admission to the lower kindergarten has not taken place due to covid-19.  Admission to lower kindergarten will be done only when the school reopens.

Primary School  –  253, 

Higher Secondary School – 186,                

Total   - 439

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